How to cut wood with a table saw

Cutting wood is one of the primary tasks in DIY handyman work. Far from being monotonous and tiring, sawing by hand is a relaxing activity, Very satisfactory, and also allows us to probe the mechanical qualities of the wood that we have chosen. Every amateur in the carpentry industry must have perseverance to learn to handle the saw.

Although it seems contradictory, the hand-cutting saves us time, since electric saws require some preparations that are unnecessary with the saw. And in addition, by hand we will in many cases obtain a more precise cut, and also easier, since we will adjust the passage of the leaf to the variations of a living matter as is the wood.

The two-sided marking with the square allows us to verify that the leaf, besides following the line on the surface, advances completely vertical. It is normal for beginners to make deviations from the perpendicular, and, although the error is minimal, is usually enough to break the joint at an angle. It is preferable to mark and cut again to try to correct a roof profile with the brush or file.

The beginning

To start cutting, we will put the thumb in the end of the line, we will support it in the leaf, and we will move the saw pulling toward us. In that way we open a groove so that the blade penetrates without chaotic sweeps. We will hold the tool firmly but gently, so that the work will do the saw, as the good carpenters say. They also say that there are no tricks to get it right from the beginning: cutting wood is learned by cutting wood.

The saw will work more smoothly and swiftly if the cut is transverse to the grain, although in that way it will cut better. Especially when starting the cut, the blade should have little inclination.

The different types of saws

There are many types of saw, and the basic difference is the number of teeth per inch that has the blade. This will depend on the speed of the cut and the fineness of the finish. A blade with few teeth will cut quickly, in less passes, but both sections will be rough and chipped. A leaf with many teeth will take longer to cut the same wood, but the edges will be smooth and, in some cases, as if they had been sanded.

If you are lazy and just want a table saw that will do all the work for you then read some reviews of the best table saws. Although this article is about using hand saws there are times when it just wont work so it pays to read up on the other types so that you have all the bases covered.