How to choose a flashlight

There are some essential criteria are to consider when choosing a flashlight. Like any other consumer product, there are different torches of power. A lamp is evaluated according to many criteria, and each of these criteria has a variable importance. Moreover, the power is a criterion to relativize according to the needs of each one.


Overall power

The flashlight emits a luminous flux evaluated in lumens. This flow indicates the power of the device. Unfortunately for the consumer, this meter provides estimates that go beyond reality.

Lumen data must be taken into account. To know the true overall power of a lamp, it is necessary to compare the beams emitted from two lamps. Observe the differences, then the references to the two devices to find which one is the best in terms of power. If you need something really bright then look for the best tactical flashlight and see some options.

The dimmer

When choosing a flashlight, the best way is to find one with a regulator or a dimmer. Indeed, a flashlight is used in many circumstances and in ever-changing atmospheres.

Several power levels, a flashing modes button are part of the regulating elements on a flashlight. However, if your device has a controller, make sure it has a battery.

Indeed, if a torch lamp regulator is too frequently solicited, this lamp can go out under sometimes surprising circumstances. The ideal is a regulation that maintains a constant power but warns in one way or another that the batteries are almost empty. This warning can be a blink, the automatic switch to a lower power level, or the gradual drop in power, the goal is not to surprise by a sudden loss of power.

The range

The range of the beam and the power of a lamp are two different things. The range depends on the brightness at the center of the beam. The latter is influenced by atmospheric conditions. In particular the humidity, the mist. The range of the beam is measured in lux. Several sites specialized in flashlights give a value of the range in meters.

This value can be exact when trying the lamp in ideal conditions. The measured range in meters does not take into account the reflective objects, the dark forest, the road sign. In terms of the range of a flashlight, the only reliable data is that given in lux.

Width of the beam

The width of the beam is also an excellent way to evaluate the performance of the torch. During the checks, the central part will offer an intense brightness, while the peripheral part of the beam is much less. If your flashlight provides concentrated brightness in the center, its range will be excellent. There is no strict rule in terms of beam width.

In terms of hue, the incandescent flashlight emits a light tending towards the orange, the led lamps provide a light of intense color. This intense color tends to a cold light. The hue of the beam is evaluated according to the IRC, or color rendering index.



Aesthetics and ergonomics

The aesthetics of the lamp allows getting a more precise idea on its maneuverability. Dimensions and weight are some of the essential criteria to consider in an ideal torch search. Experience has shown that there is an obvious correlation between the power of the flashlight and its tendency to overheat.

In order to avoid these overheating, it will be necessary, whatever the cost, to respect the instructions given previously. Thus, if the flashlight has difficulty holding in the hand, it will tend to overheat during moments of intense use.

This type of lamp will be less effective in confined spaces. Indeed, the absence of air will accelerate the mechanisms of the lamp that will overheat even faster. Nevertheless, torches of higher powers are not to neglect, far from it.

Do not use the potential of the powerful lamp. It will be necessary to think to find a lamp equipped with a control interface of the light beam.

Always in terms of ergonomics, prefer lamps with daring designs towards the aggressive. Some models are slim, others equipped with prominences added for the torch fits better in the hand.

Even without a cover, the long lamp will easily fit in your pocket. Which will not be the case with the powerful and aggressive lamp. Once again, you will consolidate your choice according to your habits.